Love Bytes: Huxtables Gone Wild

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Legos get married, Sherlock possibly gay, and the hottest man in the world.

10 must-click love and relationship links.

Taiwan recently hosted the Mr. International competition, a.k.a. the Hottest Guy In The World contest. Head over to TresSugar to scope out 2009's winner, Bolivia's 20 year-old Bruno Kettels. [TresSugar]

Publicists and studio executives are reportedly concerned about Robert Downey Jr.'s playful hints at a homosexual relationship between Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. [Popeater]

Here are 10 things we hope you didn't at the in-laws' dinner table. [Em and Lo]

Last week, studios released the official trailer for Ridley Scott's adapation of Robin Hood. Here are 6 things the tight-wearing hero teaches about guys and relationships. [Glamour]

Is it really that bad to hook up with your cousin? Four men and women of various sexual orientations weigh in. [Divine Caroline]

Funnyman Will Ferrell photobombs a New York Times wedding announcement [BuzzFeed]

If you've ever wondered what the "Huxtables gone WILD" would look like, look no further than Nerve's list of the best porn parodies of 2009. [Nerve]

The Office did it, and now Legos are following suit. Check out the top 7 JK wedding entrance tributes on Urlesque. [Urlesque]

According to Divorce-Online, a clearinghouse for legal information, Facebook was cited in 20 percent of divorce documents in 2009. [Asylum]

If you've ever regretted reading Revolutionary Road after a traumatizing breakup, you're not alone. Here are the top 10 worst books to read after you end a relationship. [HuffPo]