These Celebrity Couples Make Us Believe In Love

Buzz, Love

We love Ellen and Portia, but the following celeb couples also have it going on.

Today, PopEater announced that—in a poll asking readers for their favorite celebrity couple of the year—the votes resoundingly poured in for Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi. Which is no surprise to us. We've always wished that the dance-loving, sneakers-wearing DeGeneres was our BFF, and we've had a not-so-secret girlcrush on de Rossi since Ally McBeal. Their journey to the altar has also been a source inspiration and joy and, to put it simply, their love story gives us the warm fuzzies.

But are they the only couple we'd like to plan a couple date with? Who else would we invite to our place for wine, cheese, and horror flicks?

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith: This longtime couple married back in 1997 but, taking into consideration the typical timeline of celebrity romance, it feels more lika an eternity. Which is part of why we love them: pure staying power. But we also love the fresh prince's sense of humor and breadth of talent, making us want him over at our house purely for comic relief. Will and Jada? How does next Friday sound?

Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles: These two popular songsters have never even admitted to marriage, but who cares? We love how they've always played off each other's strengths, making them one of the most successful power couples out there. There were recently rumors of a divorce between them, but it turned out that Beyonce's mom calling it quits with her hubby. As for reports of a public spat, for the love of god, people, every couple fights. Come on over, guys. Show us the right way to do a romantic serenade.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore: We don't care if some people think they're full of TMI. We don't even care if they're shilling products through their Twitter accounts. They seem to be having fun, and that's what we love about them. And a high five to Demi. Some of us wish we could snag the younger hottie, too.

Fred Armisen and Elisabeth Moss: Is it wrong to include a couple simply because we find them adorable? Fine. We find Armisen's work on SNL to be an absolute hoot (shaky Obama impression notwithstanding), and Moss has been absolutely rocking her role on the ever-popular Mad Men. We're so thrilled these two indie darlings found each other.

Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs: These two first met when starring in the Broadway production of Rent. We like to imagine them at home, randomly breaking out into song and dance, and ending each day with a slow dance in each other's arms. Crazy? Perhaps. But we happen to have a thing for dance movies and cheesy musicals.

Runner-Up—Speidi: We know. They're horrible famewhores, the villains of MTV's addictive "reality" show The Hills. And, since branching out, they've only laid waste to the media landscape with their own personal brand of crazy. But my god do they entertain us. Watching the trainwreck that is their relationship is so bad it's good.

Brangelina? Robert and Kristin? We're sick of hearing about them.