Amy Winehouse: Engaged, Breeding, Throwing Punches


Engaged to ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil, the vicious cycle continues.

Amy Winehouse's once and future husband, Blake Fielder-Civil is out of rehab and back into her life... "free of drugs and more responsible now," he says to the UK's The Sun. They only ever ended things, he argued, because of pressure from their parents. 5 Nastiest Celeb Divorces

Throughout the past few months, the two had been carrying on their romance despite their divorce, despite his heroin addiction, and despite their distance, through a secret Facebook love affair.

In cyber space, their romance re-blossomed: "There's no one like Amy. She will always be the love of my life," he declared with the shocking addition: "Amy and I have talked about getting married again and starting a family. We both definitely want kids."

What will papa think? As The Sun duly points out, this announcement is "bound to rile Amy's father Mitch, who blames former junkie Blake for the troubles that have plagued his daughter."

Blake's answer? Oh, we've made a pact to stay off drugs, insisting: "This time we're doing things properly and hopefully that will help both our families come round to the idea. 

So far, things haven't been looking good for the back-to-blake beehoven one. Word on the street is that she has been in a spat of assaults, the latest involving a "demonic child"-like Winehouse stumbling around a children's theater, smearing her blood on unsuspecting victims, and hurling insults at Mickey Rooney (of all people)!

If a report in the Sun is accurate, notorious big-voiced bad girl Amy Winehouse could be looking at another assault charge for kicking a theater manager... at a children's pantomime production of 'Cinderella.' Sources claim that Winehouse was rowdy during the entire first act of the show, shouting profanities at a cast including Mickey Rooney. When staff tried to usher Winehouse to a private box, the singer allegedly attacked front-of-house manager Richard Pound, "pulling his hair, punching him and kicking him between the legs."

Winehouse went to the show in support of her friend Anthony Kavanagh, a former MTV reality star acting as the understudy for Prince Charming. A backstage source told the Sun, "Anthony brought Amy to impress the cast with his showbiz connections. But it backfired badly."

Apparently, Winehouse also worked her magic on the Fairy Godmother, played by British actress Anthea Turner. "She was so spaced out and told Anthea, 'I love you, Anthea, sticky-back plastic, I love you,'" the source said. "It got worse because Amy had a cut on her wrist and bled all over Anthea." [PopEater]

Not the actions of a particularly sober person, wouldn't you say?

Photo via Fame Pictures.