5 Ways Love Prevailed in 2009


TigerGosselinGate aside, 2009 ushered in some uplifting love stories.

The last year of the '00s was marred by a drawn-out healthcare debate, a staggering celebrity death count, a nasty unemployment rate and more scandals than a season of Dallas. Ah, 2009. But don't let the gloomy skies of TigerGosselinGate fool you. We've compiled a list of 2009's more hopeful love fests. True Love or True Like?

1.)  The sparks on US Airways 1549: As you may remember, last January, an Airbus A320 collided with a flock of geese, causing the aircraft to land in the Hudson River. There were no casualties, and good thing, too, because Ben Bostic spotted a pretty brunette, Laura Zych, upon entering the aircraft. Unfortunately, there was little time for pleasantries or business card exchanges, but when 60 Minutes gathered up the flight members for a special reunion show, the two locked eyes once again, and have been dating ever since.

2.) Pam and Jim got hitched on The Office: Oh, how LONG we waited for those two to realize they were madly in love. Each kittenish phone conversation, jealous double take and giggle finally culminated in a wedding on the October 8th episode. Oh, and Pam's pregnant, too. Awwww. The Office’s Angela Is Expecting… A Child

3.) Melissa Rycroft's big revenge: Remember Melissa Rycroft? The tawny-skinned Bachelor contestant who slid into the first place position only to be cruelly dumped by Jason Mesnick for second-placer Molly Malaney? Well, it looks like Rycroft got the last laugh. Rather than scarfing down the Ben and Jerry's and stocking up on self-help books, she rekindled her affair with long-term lover Ty Strickland and married him this past month in a romantic Mexican wedding. Melissa Rycroft Locks Down Her Man

4.) Gay marriage triumphs in five states: It's been a winding road for gay marriage, and it isn't likely to lessen in the next decade but, in 2009,  five states passed legislation allowing same-sex couples to marry: Iowa, Washington, D.C., Vermont, Maine and, starting January 1, 2010, New Hampshire. Gay Marriage In The News

5.) Twilight's off-screen romance: Did they or didn't they? Is it on? Off? Brangelina aside, fewer onscreen dalliances have garnered nearly as much press as that of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. While we reckon a little behind-closed-doors canoodling likely transpired, who knows? But these two fresh-faced, unlikely movie stars definitely made a possible tabloid-heavy romance seem authentic. Twilight Director Confirms The Obvious