The Best Of The Web: Christian Marriage & Bad Boys

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Finding love in 2010, first date conversations and Tiger!

It's the last week before the entire world engages it's cruise control. While you work to finish up the big items, take a quick break and dig into the best the web has to offer regarding love… and relationships.

Over at the Huffington Post, Laura Trice argues that Tiger should take a lesson from the last movie star: George Clooney. Evidently, the Cult of Clooney appreciates his candor regarding his tomcatting, childlessness and bachelorhood. We also like his distinguished wrinkles, dry wit and salt & pepper wig.

Speaking of misuse of technology in the dating milieu, our good buddies at Lemondrop suggest a less in-your-face approach to early dating communication. Also, maybe we should begin questioning Facebook's usefulness.

The crew at The Frisky has a nice list of 25 things to never say on a first date. Some of them are second date topics and some are deathbed confessions. I guess demanding a 5-year plan is a bad idea too.

Over at Mom Logic, a bit of praise for the Christian Marriage Manual and the clitoris. That fun little bundle over nerves is referenced a number of times. Yep, the big man put it there for a reason, ya'll. Great read, don't be… left behind.

At Hollywood Life, they discuss Kate Hudson's penchant for bad boys (one of my favorite writers is quoted). To whit: a guy suspected of using performance-enhancing drugs, a guy who admitted using the juice, a guy once addicted to actual drugs and a lovely, hilarious guy who some suspect of abusing narcotics. America's sweetheart likes 'em complicated or buff. Read: Why Good Girls Want Bad Boys...And Why They Shouldn't

The fantastic Em & Lo ( discuss the best way to enjoy a holiday party without too many repercussions. So, think before you wear a lampshade, tell your boss what you really think or bang your 23-year old subordinate. Do those things if you must but have a plan going in and stick with it. Read: Office Holiday Party Dos And Don'ts

Get thee to the brothel, young fella. Over at Asylum, the guys find it highly amusing that advice columnist Cheryl Lavin instructed a modern-day Andy Stitzer (The 40 Year Old Virgin) to go pro (re: prostitution) to lose that cherry blossom.

Speaking of virginity, it's probably been a while since you thought about Jim, Stifler and the whole crew from American Pie. But Eric Larnick at Nerve has been fuming about the teen sex farce for years. It's ruined his love life. The bit about the apple pie was a little stomach-churning.

For once, I have to strongly disagree with my buddy Simone Grant. This week she talks about how overrated hotel room sex is. Some of her arguments regarding practical matters make sense. On the other hand, c'mon. It combines the excitement of an affair with the nonchalance of a rented car. Wins all around.

And some bad news: Per Divine Caroline, men are bad at domestic stuff. Sending a man shopping is a foolhardy endeavor indeed (or crazy like a fox?). You can lead a horse to water but you can't stop women from shoppin'!

Still bad news, the university-aged ladies are as jaded as the rest of us. At College Candy, the discuss the constant struggle for the upper hand that colors and defines EVERY relationship. Jeebus, has the pendulum swung too far from fairytales, iced-cream and puppy dogs? And Hey! College kids aren't supposed to date, what the hell is going on at the University Of Richmond? Do you think this video is her?

Finally, some good news: the resident dude at Marie Claire, Rich Santos, has some very sensible advice on finding love in 2010. If he really wanted to help single ladies, he would have included his personal email address, the sweet, handsome son-of-a-gun.

As always, let me know what I missed and what you think.