Jude Law 'Forgets' About His Daughter

Jude Law Is Sick & Tired

"I have three children," he says to Letterman. Wishful thinking or a slap in the face?

This has been a big year — a grueling Broadway run as Hamlet, the never ending promotional obligations for Sherlock Holmes, a rekindled love affair with Sienna Miller (hmmm... is there anything else?). For good reason Jude Law is understandably tuckered out.

So much so that he's acting out against NYU students (not hard to do, admittedly: who doesn't enjoy throwing fruit through peeping coeds' windows?) and forgetting the number of children he has sired. Jude Law And His Newborn Daughter: Still Strangers

Last night on Letterman, a world-weary Jude admitted to the Late Show host that in lieu of the "adventures" he normally takes his kids on for the Holidays, this year they all will be just plopping down somewhere on a beach. Watch the video at RadarOnline.

"When we're talking about children, how many kids?" Dave asked, no doubt aware of Jude's other big event in 2009: baby Sophia, born last September to Law's one-night stand, model Samantha Burke.

"I have three children," the actor says, and quickly moves on.

What do you say: an "Oops" or a "Oh, Snap!" moment?

Photo via Bauer-Griffin.