Community: Top 10 Advice Givers Of 2009

Community: Top 10 Advice Givers Of 2009

Answering questions about infidelity, mother-in-law problems and what exactly to do with your ex's undies, our fearless community members have done their best to make sure you got the answers you needed. It takes a lot of people to make the Ask YourTango forum a great place to share and recieve advice. And while we appreciate everyone who has given advice over the past year, these are the top ten members who have really done their best to make sure no love problem is left unsolved.

1. Tbone64
If you're looking for a guy who will give you a straight answer, look no further than Tbone64. He doesn't mince words, and his honesty and insight have helped members see the big picture behind their problems.

2. tzbug7
Never afraid to face a problem head-on, tzbug7 asks users questions about their questions that often lead to interesting insights.

3. Crazyfly
Let's talk about sex. For Crazyfly, that isn't just a line to a Salt 'N' Pepa song; it's a mantra. And his smart talk does us all some good.

4. Qverb
Thoughtful isn't his middle name, but it should be. Q helps people look at the whole issue, and gives long, careful answers that show he's really listening.

5. tenacity
Tenacity can break down problems to their most essential elements, taking a tough issue and turning it into something less daunting.

6. Frederica Bimble
This lady calls it like she sees it, but her honesty is also hedged with kindness and founded on some real world experience.

7. erinmystic
You know that friend? The one you can always count on to tell it like it is? That's erinmystic. She parses down the issues and helps you see your problems for what they are.

8. Symian
Empathetic and pracical, Symian can always be counted on to share his own tales of love and frustration, wrapped in realistic advice.

9. Brokenglass
Brokenglass knows what she's talking about, and she's not afraid to take the contrarian view and consider creative solutions.

10. Gauntlet
This nice guy grounds his advice in his faith, but if you think that means he won't take on the tough problems, you're wrong. Gauntlet also bases his advice in good old common sense.

Runner up!

Sean Paul

This down-to-earth dude gives solid advice, and what impresses us most is that he seems to read even your longest questions and consider all the details. This guy is quickly becoming our best Internet friend and confidant. The only reason he didn't make the top 10 is because he's a relative newcomer to the site. Welcome, Sean Paul. Get cozy, we have some questions to ask you!

What's the best advice you've recieved from YourTango this year? Let us know in the comments.