Top 10 Community Blogs of 2009

Top 10 Community Blogs of 2009

For the past year, the YourTango Community Blogs have been a place for you to talk back, give us your best love advice, and share your stories. From abusive relationships to Internet porn, you wrote about what was on your mind, and the community listened and responded. Here are the top ten community blogs that got you talking:

1. 6 Common Myths About Women
Whether you love it or hate it, techbarbie's post certainly got you talking about stereotypes, relationships and what men and women need to understand about each other.

2. I Wish He Would Hit Me
From Chris Brown and Rihanna to Elin Woods, this year has been marked by allegations of abuse and infidelity. In this post, Jennifer Schaeffer talks about a less well-known side of abuse: emotional abuse. Jennifer writes honestly about how she struggled to find support and break free from the emotional and mental manipulations in her marriage.

3. Ripple-Effected Souls: Spouses Of Sexual Abuse Victims
We hear much, clearly, about the emotional and physical tolls of sexual abuse on the victim. But what about victims' spouses? How do the people who love them support them? Rhett writes a gripping and honest post about what supporting his wife has meant to him and to their marriage.

4. The Feminist Side of Pole Dancing
We talk a lot of smack about porn and the business of selling sex, but Johanna Lyman thinks that there is a bright side, too. She argues that pole dancing is empowering and encourages women to get in on the fun.

5. My Computer Is Ruining my Relationship
LucyLynn6740's boyfriend is addicted to internet porn in a bad way. In this post, she struggles with whether to remove the computer or remove the boyfriend.