Feeling Wise? Optimistic? Might Be The New Moon.

new moon

Astrology nut or not, this new moon in Sagittarius sounds uber-promising for our love lives.

Yeah, yeah—we feel it. Your eyes rolling.

Astrology. You either dig it or you don't. We are fully aware not everyone hangs on every lunar and planetary shift whilst analyzing hidden meaning of a triple conjunction, recalling birth charts (yours and his, of course), to see if the current moon is compatible with your (and his) ascendant. Female Vs Male Brain: Is There A Difference?

We get it. And nor should you. If your mindset is particularly logical and no nonsense who sees astrology and all its blah blah as nothing more then fluff of the fortune cookie inscription type, then fair enough. Anti-Brides Are On The Rise

But for the rest of you—as of 7:02 am EST on December 16, the moon is in Sagittarius. New moons are often characterized as bringing forth new beginnings, and a new beginning in fire sign Sagittarius, known for its candid, honest nature, means (as astrologer Lynn Hayes writes) an "expansion of our sense of what is possible and what is correct." Are Your Astrology Signs Sexually Compatible?

And then she goes on. And we're just going to cut and paste because there really is no way to paraphrase the following.

This New Moon also offers the potential for a radical shift in our understanding with a challenging square to Uranus, planet of shock and awe. This New Moon is well aspected, with the Triple Conjunction of Jupiter (optimism and positive feelings), Chiron (wisdom) and Neptune (greater spiritual awareness) offering an opportunity to help us to make the required adjustments to our patterns of belief so that we can find deeper levels of meaning.

In layman's terms, this should be a rather awesome time for our relationships. We're likely to not only acquire an innate wisdom and awareness, but do so with positivity and optimism. As fire signs are known to usher in change through creativity and initiation, this could mean a long-awaited breakup, a quiet satisfaction in single life or the balls to actually go after who is right for you. Why It's Better To Be Single During The Holidays

So take advantage of this unique period, 'cause like all good things it too will come to a close. On December 31 the moon will transition over into Cancer.