Who Should Kate Hudson Date Next?

Kate Hudson
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Moving on from A-Rod, Kate scans the horizon for her next target.

Now that Kate Hudson has split up with Alex Rodriguez, we can't help but wonder which famous fellow she'll set her sights on next. Kate doesn't have a particularly set type: She was married to shaggy hippie rocker Chris Robinson, and then dated Butterscotch Stallion Owen Wilson, possibly because their hair matched. And her latest conquest is the burly Yankees slugger. So we know … um, she likes dudes who are taller than she is. Shall we narrow down her potential future paramours?

Tony Romo

Kate likes ballplayers, and Tony likes blondes. Seems like a match made in publicist heaven, right? Not if you're a Cowboys fan. The QB's concentration is legendarily shaky when he's getting some, and given Kate's front-and-center behavior during the World Series, you wouldn't want her around during the playoffs. It's like Burgess Meredith said: Women weaken legs. And throwing arms, apparently. Next!

Sean Penn

The recently divorced double Oscar winner has been linked with Natalie Portman and Sports Illustrated model Jessica White since his almost 20-year relationship with Robin Wright stumbled to a halt earlier this year. Kate's proven she goes for older men, and given how long Penn's been famous, we find it inconceivable that they wouldn't have met through her parents. It would be glorious: She'd attract the paparazzi, and he'd punch them.

Jake Gyllenhaal

After splitting from the admittedly type-A Reese Witherspoon, Jake could probably do with seeing someone a little more mellow. And if Kate's anything, it's mellow. (Can't you just imagine what her conversations were like with Owen Wilson? "What do you want to do tonight, babe?" "I dunno, we could order some Chinese and then lie on the floor and stare at the ceiling for awhile." "Sweeeeet." "Hey Owen." "Yeah babe?" "Do you think God is lonely?" "My hands are enormous.") We'd kind of prefer that they date rather than make an ill-advised romantic comedy together, because did you see that abomination Bride Wars? We'd be perfectly happy if Kate never worked again, honestly. Split: Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal