A piece of my mind.


The world is a very beautiful place
but the people in it make it ugly.
People spend to much time judging others and
hating each other and people don't realize
that if you were in the persons shoes you would react the same
The world would be a much better place if everyone would put
them self's in other peoples place and instead of hating them, try
to help others. Everyone has problems and their own issues some
people more than others, but what most people need is
someone to support them help them and atleast care.
Its very disappointing how people are so selfish and how everyone just cares
about their self and  how they don't think or even care of the people out there.
I think everyone was brought to this world to help each other
were all humans in the end of the day.
So when people tell me hurtful things or treat me with disrespect I just
ignore them because in the end of the day they're not me and I'm not them.
Others don't know how or what I feel and I don't know how others feel or what
they go through which is why I don't hate anyone.
And that's why I make a difference, instead of wasting my time hating others and judging people, I'll be the person to make a difference and actually care.
Ofcourse I can't help everyone but atleast I know that I'll do my best to help the ones I can.
And I really wish others would think like me, if everyone did the world would
be a much better place.