2009's Absolute Best In Celebs, Love & Pop Culture

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The year's best in dating, sex, love, marriage, celebs, music, books and film.

How was your 2009? Did you get married? Fall in love? Or perhaps your relationship ended this year. No matter what happens in your love life, YourTango wants to be there with you. In the spirit of sharing and helping, we've put together some lists that we hope will be useful, comforting, though-provoking and fun.

Included in our 2009 round-ups are songs for the broken-hearted, songs for lovers, songs for the proud-and-single; books about chicks and books about d---s, er, men who cause us pain; sex scandals and sexy celebrities; and love on both the big and small screens.

We hope you'll read our lists and let us know what you think: Do you agree? Did we leave off your favorite celebrity or movie? What are YOUR best and worst love and relationship moments of 2009?


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