Is Cheating Inevitable?

is cheating more natural than staying faithful?
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We know why it happens. But does that make it OK?

We're opimistic. Couples therapists are teaching partners new tricks for better communication. Men and women are (slowly) realizing that it's not necessarily healthy to always be attached at the hip. People are entering into marriage for new, less business-y, more emotional reasons: love, companionship, desire for family. We'd like to think that we're with one of the men who entered into a monogamous relationship because he truly wanted a monogamous relationship. We'd like to think that infidelity isn't some unavoidable event that will occur to us in the near future. Tips For An Affair-Proof Marriage

But then, history is against us. Science is against us. Heck, just about every celebrity out there is against us. 3 Ways To Handle Infidelity Like A Celebrity

So is monogamy an anomaly? If it is, we'd prefer an open marriage to one rife with infidelity. It's the dishonesty of cheating that bothers us the most. But until we have proof that our monogamous relationships aren't working, we'll continue striving to be the exception to both biological and historical rules. Losing My Husband, Then Learning Of His Infidelity