Are 11 Mistresses Too Much?


Can Tiger Woods's marriage be salvaged, or has Elin had enough?

Marriages tainted by one or two infidelities are arguably worth saving. After all, everyone makes mistakes and, where there is a will, there is a way to work past such indiscretions. Tiger Woods, however, has an entire gaggle of girlfriends (where in heck does he find the time to juggle so many different girls?) and, as mistress after mistress comes out of the woodwork, it seems that Elin Nordegren has finally decided that she's had enough.

Earlier this week, Nordegren was photographed pulling her SUV into the couple's guest house, when she was rumored to be abroad in Sweden. And then, she was spotted out and about without her wedding ring, a piece of hardware that she typically has on all the time. Despite earlier reports that the couple was trying to work through their problems, and receiving in-home counseling, could this be it?

Radar reports that, at the moment, Nordegren "wants the holiday to appear normal for the couple's two children but will separate from Tiger quickly in the new year." In keeping with these rumors, she's apparently already talking with a divorce lawyer.

Meanwhile, Woods apparently wants to patch things up by having another baby with Nordegren. His wife is understandably "horrified by the idea," and so are we. Having a child should never be considered as a relationship Band-Aid.

The Huffington Post's Vicki Iovine contends that "One betrayal...might have been survivable. Nine or 10 or however many times he's disrespected his family, however, it is now a behavior too pathological to ignore."

We tend to agree, as even one infidelity would leave us heartbroken and adrift.