An Ill Thrill!

An Ill Thrill!

The start of some friendships can be elusive.

Those butterflies in your stomach morph into moths and you know it as soon as they begin to eat holes in your spirit.

But, like a champ, you hold onto that white towel and go back in for another round, another date, another night.

Now a bit burdened with wonder, (is it you? is it me?) and a smile on your  face; secretly in conflict with the moths in your gut, you begin to question (definitely a deal breaker for those aloof) the change in the flow of things.

It seems the logical thing to do before throwing in the towel.???

Responses to questions bring clarity to things we do not understand about one another.  It may seem trite or trivial to those who know everything, but some of us prefer to get to know you personally rather than assumingly based on  past soured relationships.

Huddled in the corner with your two managers; heart and head screaming their persuasions at the same time, you go back in the game without a strategy or a defense, dangerously vulnerable to whatever comes next.  

CALLS become erratic communications (those funfilled conversations  a few times a day become  a single late night  call of  yawning and complaints of  fatigue expressed in get some rest. (a jab)

TEXTS of miss u, kiss u, can't wait 2 c u expired without  warning. (an upper cut)

TAGS  become the universal ones sent to everyone at the same timel!!  (that was a sucker punch)

The LOOK that once began to simmer your soul or heat things up become one of impatience or haughtiness. 

You hear the bell ring and your inhibitions ensue.

WORDS  that once lifted and inspired become darerisively sarcastic remarks. An arrogance that requires much restraint from a lady. (a blow)

Now That ringtone that once froze time until you could answer which delighted you with the warmest smile, surely inflected in your tone, elicits a lock and load response with tempered control. To the very end, you were always a lady.

The thrill is gone! And they just lost one!

You are the champion!!