Jake Has Engagement Ring Under Tree For Reese


Jake Gyllenhaal plans to marry (not dump) Reese Witherspoon during Christmas.

Inside man Rob Shuter over at PopEater's Naughty But Nice column has an important holiday announcement: There will be a Mrs. Reese Gyllenhall in 2010.

Brought to him by the same "friend" that leaked Gyllenspoon's couplehood two years ago is word that Reese Witherspoon will be receiving a big, fat diamond ring under the Christmas tree this year. And not just your typical Hollywood Will you co-habitate and attend movie premiers with me? kind of ring, but the kind of ring that comes with a church date and tiered, frosted cake.

According to the source, "Jake is planning to pop the question over the holidays and couldn't be more excited. Her children love him, his family loves her and now it's time to make it official"

Apparently all those recent rumors that the couple had split prompted Jake to spring into motion and make things legit. It probably also didn't hurt that ex-girlfriend Kirsten Dunst came out of the woodwork recently to bring up ghosts of relationships past. Exes Kirsten Dunst & Jake Gyllenhaal: Not Friends

"Reese is a traditional sort of lady, which is one of the many things Jake adores about her, and Christmas is her favorite holiday," says the source.

Jake's Yuletide matrimonial plan is proof of his sincere and mature love for Reese.

Scoop via Popeater.