5 Gifts For Crazy Pet-Lovers

5 Gifts For Crazy Pet-Lovers
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If you're like me, you got a lot of friends in your life who just love their pet very, very much. This is the SUPER COOL guide that tells you what to get those fur-loving, pet-talking, and litter-box smelling pal in your life.

An E-Card Mocking An Ugly Animal, Cause Their Pet Ain't THAT Ugly
Rascal, the "World's Ugliest Dog" does a pretty good job with his back-up retrievers in singing "Silent Night" at your doorstep. If you got a friend who has insecurity issues with their pet, share this greeting and be like: ugly has a creepy way of being cute too. And can sing for that matter.

A Talking Dog Collar, Cause It's No Fun Talking To Their Panting And Farts All The Time
More like a gag gift, but hey better than your dog-talking friend sitting there saying "What you say, boy? Oh, is that what you want?" because here comes something that says: Gotta poop, gotta poop right now! (fart noises) Oh there it goes! [Talking Dog Collar]

A Tanning Bed Atop A Fish Tank, Cause Fish People Always Need Tans
This is for people who love their fish so much that putting them on top of a tanning bed is the closest way they can get to sleeping with them. Cause you know, fish can't hug ya.

A Fancy Travel Bag That Won't Squish The Thing, Or So They Say
People who complain how they have to pay extra to travel with their pet will now have the opportunity to get others to pay $150 for a travel bag that will allow their pet to go through security check in one piece. And be stuffed "comfortably" under the seat in front of them too.

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