Top 10 Breakup Songs Of 2009

breakup songs
Buzz, Heartbreak

These songs got us through a year's worth of heartache.


8. "Rehab" by Rihanna

If any rock star knows what it's like to want rehab at the end of a relationship, it'd have to be our girl Rihanna. When you feel like the only place that could help you is a clinic for broken hearts, give this song a spin.


9. "Relator" by Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johansson

The first song of the "Break Up" album, Pete and Scarlett's tribute to Serge Gainsborg and Brigitte Bardot, this breezy, alt-country tune belies the pain in its lyrics. 5 Reasons to Celebrate a Break-Up


10. "Panic Switch" by Silversun Pickups

Leave it to the tangled, angry distortion of Silversun to sedate your brain and keep you from thinking too much.


What are your favorite break-up songs? Did we miss any great 2009 tunes?