10 Holiday Party Primers for Solos

10 Holiday Party Primers for Solos

Thanksgiving kicks-off the final countdown of the year reminding us that we have officially survived another 365 days of being single.  First comes the turkey dinner surrounded by family members giving thanks to their significant others.  Shortly after is the scene of kissing under the mistletoe and fireplaces burning for two.  Then the hugs and embraces from lovers ringing in a New Year takes place as the clock tolls midnight.  It’s hard being alone when couple hood seems to be the prerequisite for the holiday season.

This year, prime yourself early to enjoy the season more fully.  You don’t need to be the Grinch who stole Christmas.  Most people are in good spirits, giving you the best time of all to meet someone new.

1) Deck the Halls
Don’t let being single keep you from decorating your home.  Make it a festive event by inviting friends, family and while you’re at it, that handsome single who just moved to your block.  If you don’t know your neighbors, there’s no time better than the present.

2) Feliz Navidad
How about a Christmas vacation?  We’re not talking about National Lampoon’s adventure, although that would be a good movie to throw in the DVD for a quick pick-me-up.  We’re talking about giving yourself a holiday gift by signing up for a trip.  Search for a travel company or cruise line that offers vacation packages for single seniors.  Ringing in the holidays with others in a similar situation will help you feel anything but alone.

3) Make a List, Check it Twice
Instead of feeling stressed out by the madness of traffic and crowds, shop online this year for the gifts and hit the stores to find your partner.  Yes, that’s right.  During the holidays, you can find deep discounts and free shipping online and with extra time on your hands, you can browse the mall for eligible singles that need shopping help.

4) All I Want for Christmas…
When people ask you what you want for Christmas this year, tell them, you’d like their help in finding a date.  There’s no cost required, no shopping necessary and no long lines.

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