What It’s Like to Chill W MLADIC


I admit Darko is an excellent driver; his driving is
reminiscent of agent 007 in James Bond movies.

    Because of the Kosovo war, there was not one functional  ATM in
either in Serbia and Montenegro.  To be safe I split the five thousand
dollars we had between Darko and I.  I held onto half and he the
other.  One of my favorite stories I tell people of my trip is how I
swam with my money throughout the trip; it made me feel secure always
keeping some cash on me at all times; even when I was swimming a
quarter mile out in the Adriatic sea.  Darko told me not to; I did

    Owing to that, the cash I held was often wet.  One particular time we went to a bank in Montenegro.

The banks there are so remarkably careful of counterfeiting, they
refused exchanging my United States dollars for Euros because my money
was wet; the three of us returned to the hotel using my blow dryer to
evaporate the dollar bills until dried.  The three of us henceforth
joked about this saying we laundered the money.    

arriving at the resort, Darko introduced me to his friend and we worked
out the financial gratuities for our stay.  We paid him eight hundred
United States dollars for ten days; meals included.  Unlike hotels in
America, meals meant an extremely large home cooked breakfast
consisting of large varieties of meat, coffee and juice.  Lunch and
dinner consisted of many course meals where main dishes consisted of
either freshly caught seafood or meat.  Our accommodation consisted of
two medium sized rooms with separate entrances; one for myself and
another for Darko and Bojana.  To reach the beach we only needed to
walk across the street and down a small path; one could see Italy at
the other end of the horizon on a clear day.  I was ecstatic loving to
swim.  Since Bojana didn’t swim, Darko couldn’t always accompany me to
the beach so I‘d just walk to it myself for periodic swims throughout
the day; August was a very hot month.  Of any country I’ve visited,
Serbia and Montenegro wins my top prize for fun, food, beauty and


Everyone is friendly, warm, the atmosphere is relaxed and laid back and
most persons speak some English owing to children learning English as a
second language in school at a young age.  Unfortunately, American
school children do not grow up learning another language other than
native English which leaves them I feel at an intellectual

    Each day Darko took us to another beach for
a day enjoying food, drink, music, perhaps some shopping and primarily,
swimming.  As long as I could swim for hours each day I was happy.  By
the time nighttime rolled in all of us were so tired each day we
usually had dinner and retired early, except for one night.  This just
happened to be the one night of my entire vacation I was overly
exhausted wanting to retire early at any cost.  Inversely, this was the
one evening both Darko and Bojana incredibly excited informed me to
take a shower, dress and get ready for a big surprise. 

When I asked Darko what this surprise was and its great importance
being I was so tired; he merely insisted I go get ready for it.  Darko
was always very bossy in my estimation constantly telling us when to
sleep, awakening Bojana and I up early, limiting our time before
breakfast for dressing, blow drying our hair etc. which the two of us
always complained about privately to each other.  I always accepted
this as part of his personality but this night it annoyed me to no end;
I simply wanted sleep, surprise or not. 

    As usual I gave
into to Darko’s demands by hurrying to my room, showering, changing,
and preparing myself for a night out.  If you’re a woman, you
understand when you have a crush on someone as I did Darko, you usually
give into his demands easily; so I did.   

    Upon changing,
Dark and Bojana were waving me to hurry to the car;  exhausted I got in
and slammed the door.  Less than ten minutes up the pitch black road
Darko pulled the car over and we got out.  Darko and Bojana said,
“Hurry Jill look down there.”  At the bottom of the cliffs was the most
beautiful city of lights I’ve ever seen.

Darko said proudly, “this is Budva Jill, that‘s where we are going.” 
It was many times more beautiful that Paris or Manhattan at night and
situated in a valley about a mile and a half wide forcing the
Montenegrin peninsula farther out.  It was a remarkably amazing sight,
Budva itself being lit up with a wide variety of bright lights
surrounded by an aura of pitch black.  By this time Bojana started
complaining to Darko to move his car in more because someone may come
around the sharp turn in the darkness sideswiping it.  Darko never
worried much about illegal parking or his speed limit owing to whenever
getting pulled over, he just made manifest to the officer his huge
governmental badge and they let him go;  the badge was at least three
times larger than the usual American police officer badge and was gold
in color.      

    Darko became annoyed with Bojana’s
complaints so we returned to the car, got in and descended about five
minutes down the treacherously dark road into Budva and parked.  I
couldn’t believe it! It was like a dream,  We walked down around Budva,
Darko pointing out everything. 

    We stopped to have a drink
at one of the many outdoor bar/café’s and listened to the live
entertainment while we sipped our drinks.    Then I went to buy another
bathing suit at a small shop when Darko told me to follow him and
Bojana into the most amazing bar I’ve ever seen, anywhere in the
world.  The bar itself was actually a small island rocky island;  to
reach it one had to walk underground below the Adriatic Sea maybe a
little less than one quarter