What It’s Like to Chill W MLADIC


thought because I
gained entrance to the ICC meeting I ought not have in his absence,
perhaps if I were with him, he covertly could gain access this closed
NATO meeting; no dice.  Upon entering the room, immediately some
important looking man called him over and diplomatically informed him
that “Serbia was not invited.”  Darko pointed to me explaining that he
was with the American lady but he was asked politely to leave; I
followed him out the door embarrassed.    

    The following
year was mundane.  Filled with activities like shuttling back and forth
to FDU for graduate school, fund raising for the Law Projects Center
and co-authoring two book with Darko.  The fateful day of 9/11 and the
attacks by Al-Qaeda on the World Trade Center Towers in New York City
changed my venue forever.
     Post 9/11 Darko became a man on a personal mission seemingly unrelated to the Bosnian mission itself.

He told me it was the utmost importance to publicize the alleged fact
that the head ambassador of the Bosnian mission was in his estimation
involved with Al-Qaeda.

Darko had a seemingly ton of secret documentary evidence emanating from
the ministry of internal affairs in Belgrade and Bosnia seeming true
bolstering his allegations in my eyes then.

Asking me to fervently work on editing a book on which topic was meant
for exposing the head ambassador of the Bosnian mission at that time; I
acceded.  The publication was later published by the Repubika Srpska
information agency in Bosnia.  The Serbian government in the Republika
Srpska in Bosnia then was seriously pressing Darko for a fast
publication so we stayed up many nights over his apartment in Forest
Hills, New York working to do so.  The book was entitled, ”The Bosnia
Model of Al-Qaeda Terrorism.  It can probably still be found and read
online.  Last time I checked it was posted on the website:

    Darko always told me I possessed full rights to this and  other
publications we worked on together.  Although I edited and co-authoring
the Al-Qaeda work, a few years back I noticed Darko removed my name on
the inner front cover page as editor replacing it with the name of a
Serbian editor.  When questioned about it Darko told me he kept my name
from being published because of the death threats and dangers to my
life that he himself encountered because of its publication.  I do
vividly remember Darko receiving a great many death threats and threats
towards his wife at the time, Bojana, so it is possible he was telling
me the truth.   

    Even prior completing our work on the
Al-Qaeda book together Darko was obsessed with manifesting the Bosnian
Chief ambassador at the time as a terrorist.  At the time I had no
reason to doubt Darko’s word and assisted him in rabidly writing an
open letter to all the United Nations member state missions exposing
him as such.  I surmise this is when Darko’s job at the United Nations
as First Secretary of the Bosnian mission became jeopardized.

    Today I surmise Darko’s employment at the United Nations genuinely
became compromised owing not only to the inter-ethnic conflicts
existing between him and the head ambassador then, a proud Muslim man,
but also owing to the fact he forged birth certificates to acquire his
position in the first place later becoming a social fact from the
interior ministry in Bosnia.  It was an emotional shock when Darko
informed me a by summer 2001 that he lost his job and he and Bojana had
to immediately return to Belgrade to work out the matter in court. 
This was also a great emotional blow to me also owing to the fact that
I always possessed a crush on Darko and he knew it.  This was a social
fact I never publicly admitted previously to writing this book.  I once
even asked Darko if he wanted to have an affair with me but he declined
stating he would never be unfaithful to his beautiful wife, Bojana. 
This left me in an extreme morally uncomfortable position because
Bojana was my best friend.  I continually told myself being attracted
to her husband Darko was a non-option.  Working so closely with him on
an almost daily basis however made my attraction to him difficult to

    I was also engaged to Professor Arnold Stark at
the time and wore the ten thousand diamond ring he bought me on my
finger. Arnold became increasingly jealous of Darko in time and
eventually forbid me to work with him altogether. Notwithstanding, I
continued working with Darko against Arnold’s wishes.  This coupled
with my trip to Serbia and Montenegro in 2002 eventually led to my
breakup with Professor Stark and after almost an entire decade, my
relationship with Arnold never fully recovered.

    Darko tried
keeping his job in diplomatic capacity at he UN as long as possible but
the bipolar friction and hate existing between himself and the chief
ambassador at the mission proved too much.  The chief ambassador in
contact with the Bosnian government at the time in Sarajevo eventually
had Darko dismissed as first secretary of the mission.  To the best of
my recollection Darko was no longer receiving a monthly salary from
Sarajevo by spring or summer 2002 (approximately). 

often came visiting Darko and Bojana’s  apartment in Manhattan then
situated on a side street within walking distance from the UN to help
them out financially by buying them inexpensive dinners and such in
Manhattan and chauffeuring  them around (they did not own a car for the
majority of their stay in the States). 

    In July 2002 as I
remember the three of us spent many memorable moments going to the
beaches outside the city and just spending time talking etc..  At the
time and owing to my being in graduate school at FDU, I had plenty of
extra money to burn owing my taking the maximum GSL student loans
totaling about twenty thousand dollars a semester.  Then one day that
summer Darko informed me he and Bojana were only awaiting the Bosnian
government to wire them a sum of five thousand dollars to pay off their
American bills, last month rent and they would make a hasty exit back
to Belgrade permanently.