Disappearing: The Kindest Way To Break Up?

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One man argues why the most convenient way to break up with somebody may also be the kindest.

The end is rarely easy. And, God, can it be awkward. Personally, I don't apply specifics for each gender on how to end a thing (a "thing" being anything that lasts a couple months or seven dates, give or take; ending a "relationship" is a whole other bag of misery). When it comes to the end, whether you're a man dumping a woman, a woman dumping a man, or a gay dude dumping a gay dude, you want it to be as humane as possible. Lemondrop: Can You Break Up By Text?

But which method of ending a "thing" is most humane? Let's have a look, from least to most kind. Lemondrop: How To Break Up With A Guy—Without Being Too Mean

The "Treaty of Versailles" Breakup
You don't like the other person and don't want to have sex with him/her anymore, but you feel bad; (s)he's "a good person" and you want to break it off like an adult. Bravo. You know what's not adult? Forcing someone to listen to platitudes and compliments while you crush them into a fine paste. It's the "nice" breakup that isn't.

"I enjoyed spending time with you"? Are you talking to an exchange student on the way to his/her departing flight? Just sack up and stop being so "nice." Lemondrop: Top 10 Dude Breakup Excuses (And What They Really Mean)

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