5 Celeb Cheaters Who Shocked Us


These are the significant others who we never thought would stray.

3. Morgan Freeman - Perhaps the most shocking of all was the discovery that universally beloved Morgan Freeman was splitting from Myrna, his wife of 24 years, following a car crash that revealed another woman in the passenger seat. Supposedly, Morgan and Myrna had an "open marriage," which meant that Morgan was stepping out with a lot of different ladies. But the craziest discovery was his decade-long affair with his step-granddaughter, who was underrage when their relationship began.

4. Ethan Hawke - Ethan and ex-wife Uma Thurman seemed like the opposite of your typical dramatic Hollywood couple. Both were often regarded as intelligent and grounded people, so many fans expected their marriage to go the distance. However, when Uma's star began to rise and Ethan's was fizzling, things started to fall apart. Jealous of her fame, Ethan convinced himself that his wife was having an affair with Quentin Tarantino, which he used to justify his own affair.

5. Hugh Grant - No woman wanted to believe that dashing, charming Hugh was really a cad. And no woman wanted to believe that any man would step out on Elizabeth Hurley, because then what hope was left for us normal chicks?? Not only was it an arrow to our hearts to discover that he was a cheater, but we also had to deal with the news that he cheated with a prostitute.

photo: User Keith Allison on Flickr