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I have been so stressed lately. I have found no way of relaxing seeing as there is constantly stress being put on my shoulders. I think I need to take a break from everything and everyone. Sometimes I feel that my life is going nowhere and no one is entering or making it better. I need someone to help me with all my issues. My fiance can't help me with everything being that he plays a small role in the creation of my stress. I miss back in my junior high school years, I had the best of friends and they were always there no matter what. We would do everything together and we were inseperable. Once we got to high school, we went our seperate ways. Both friendships ending in arguments over the person I was dating at that time. [but at 2 seperate times]. I miss them a lot, but they did not respect me being with the person I'm with.

It's been a year since I moved out of my dad's house and still we both find it diffitcult to talk to one another. He always wants to bitch and it stresses me out even more. Why must my life be so stressful?


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