Solange Magnano Dies After A Butt Lift

Beauty queen and Miss Argentina 1994, Solange Magnano, died on Sunday as a result of complications from elective gluteoplasty, commonly known as a "butt lift." Although authorities are still investigating the cause of death, Solange's friend Roberto Piazza said that liquid injected for Thursday's surgery "went to her lungs and brain," causing respiratory failure. She was transferred from the clinic to the hospital, where she remained in critical care until suffering a fatal pulmonary embolism. Flaws? Scars? How To Look Past Your Imperfect Body

Although gluteoplasties are traditionally "low risk" surgeries, any kind of plastic surgery carries risk. But despite all the warnings and high-profile cases of nip/tucks gone wrong (e.g., Kanye West's mother), there are still some women who will go to any lengths to remain beautiful and sexy. Her friend Roberto explained that Solange, who had also had breast surgery in 2001 after the birth of her twins, had become heavily preoccupied with her looks as she got older. He stated,

Solange had everything. She lived the life of a goddess, she was the envy of everybody. Now she is dead because she wanted a slightly firmer behind. She died because of her obsession with beauty.

We all know of the societal pressure on women to look their best—pressure even greater felt in the fashion industry. But why do some women constantly cave to that pressure? Sure, getting older is no fun but it's certainly better than the alternative. We're sure that the husband and eight-year-old twins that Solange left behind would agree. How does a father even begin to explain such a tragic, senseless death to his children? 8 Celebrities Whose Deaths Left Mourning Exes

Photo via Facebook.

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