Welcome to Blogging, Steph.

Welcome to Blogging, Steph.

I used to think that blogging was for people who had far too much time on their hands. These people are snooty, and often find themselves rooting around on Facebook or Twitter, looking for the latest -- the juiciest gossip. I used to think that blogging was merely another way for over dramatic teenage bimbo's to exploit themselves.

However, I must come to terms with the undeniable truth that blogging is a healthy ritual for the aspiring journalist, or writer (thus far, I haven't decided on what exactly I want to call myself). My highschool Creative Writing teacher always told me that the worlds greatest writers jot something down at least once a day. He said that it didn't matter what it was, so long as it was meaningful, and acomplished something that improved you as a writer.

So, my decision was virtually made up for me. Blogging is now a tool to broaden my stance as a writer. I concluded (after an epic internal battle of morals and ethics) that there could be no harm in allowing the world it's tiniest glimsp into my lifestyle and habits. Thus I began my first blog post, ever.

When I StumbledUpon YourTango, I didn't really give it much of a chance. I was going to simply click the stumble button and let the pixels become a clouded memory. But something caught my eye; the word Love. To me, that is the strongest word any one person could express to another. A very long time ago, I'd thought I'd found what I thought to be "love" -- and maybe, at the time that is what it was -- but that feeling has long since faded and I haven't come across anything quite like it since then.

If someone is dedicated to something, and puts their whole being into the success of their dedication the fruit of their labour is all the sweeter. I figure since I have exhausted all other options, to succumb to the internet's lustful promises. That meaning, I hope that one day I might be able to find someone who will love me, and allow me to love them in return. And, maybe YourTango isn't where I'm going to find what I'm looking for, but it is a start that I feel is encouraging greater leaps in my later life. I realize that I am still young, and that there is greater potential for love as I get older, but that gives me all the more reason to start now and decide what it is that I'm looking for in a partner.

And if writing a blog in attempts to fertilize the egg of imagination for mere practice helps me find love... all the better.