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'Californication' Gives Men The Wrong Idea


We love Californication. It's smart, funny, sexy, self-deprecating. Basically, everything we look for in a man show. And David Duchovny? What a comeback from the science department at the X-Files. Mulder did not have these skills. Read: Fringe: TV's Sexiest New Non-Couple

But like every man show, it does have its flaws. Namely, it suggests that the average guy can bag every girl he touches—a sexual Midas Touch, if you will. Because Duchovny's character, author Hank Moody, sleeps with not just one female per episode (not that unrealistic, especially for a TV show), but he sleeps with every woman he comes in contact with. Every. 4 Things You May Not Know About Sex Addiction

Let's recap all the women thus far: The underage girl in the bookstore. The woman at the dinner party. His daughter's teacher. The girl in the convenience store. And on and on. Sexual History: What Your Number Says About You

Hank Moody may be setting some lofty goals for the average guy, best-selling author or not. This is doing our male population (the Showtime watching segment, anyway) a disservice by propagating the myth that this is in anyway possible.

While we look to television to provide an alternate reality to our own, and often a more desirable one, Californication is setting up those poor saps. Go ahead, guys: Walk into the bar with the Hank Moody unaffected swagger. It might get you a conversation, some flirting, and maybe even a phone number. It will not, however, get you laid every day of the week. Sorry, boys. That kind of magic just doesn't exist in the real world. Essential (Obvious) Flirting Tips

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