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Dating and relationship lessons in 140 characters or less.

I spend way too much time on Twitter. And when I'm not converting my every thought, dream, hope and love for peanut butter into 140 characters, I'm usually focused on dating, sex and relationships—either helping other people sort their situations out or analyzing my own. Lemondrop: Ten Relationship Myths, Debunked

Tweet Nothings will be the conglomeration of these two seemingly disparate worlds as I select one tweet each week to glean something new about love, sex or wherever the two meet.

I'm somewhat new to following @moxieinthecity, whose raison d'être is almost too exhausting to even contemplate: she seems to be a one-woman enterprise devoted to giving dating advice, hosting non-judgmental social events and organizing sex ed classes, and that's not even taking into consideration the time she spends trolling dating Web sites so that the rest of our worst suspicions can be confirmed.

The guy she brought our attention to, you see, not only posted a photo of himself lounging on a bed sans top but also explained that his trouble wasn't meeting women (translation: he's super-cool), but finding the ones who have "substance" (translation: we're dumb). Lemondrop: Lemondrop's Facebook-to-English Roommate Translator

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Written by Anna Davis for Lemondrop.