Dare I go it "Cougar Syle"?


I keep asking myself why I continue to put myself through this cycle.  It's been nearly a year since my last divorce (yes, LAST divorce, if I have anything to say about it...and I do) and it's time to get out there again.  I guess the first question is ... what do I really want?  

Well, I'm over 40 so I am totally done with the breeding game.  Love my three kids but very glad my youngest is a junior in high school and has plans to go out of town for college.  I know everyone says they are attractive but I've seen other women my age.  I'm still a size 6; Fairly fit; don't have any wrinkles or stretch marks and just started dyeing my hair for the few greys that are creeping in...and I'm still...dare I say it....kinda hot.  I have a good job.  I have great female friends.  I'm reasonably well-adjusted and independent.  And have more than a few neurons still snapping so I'd think I'd be a prime candidate that would interest a guy.  

Unfortunately, the men my age seem to be hiding out.  Or the attractive, successful ones want a woman ten to twenty years younger.  Pretty much decided I'm not doing much older than me.  I do not want to patrol the nursing homes looking for male companionship and I still want sex without the aid of Viagra.  Call me old-fashioned.  

The new trend for women my age is young...really young it seems.  So, do I really have what it takes to do the "Mrs. Robinson" thing?  According to my 24 year old daughter, some of her co-workers have expressed some interest.  I still can't believe she actually brought up the subject, but we have a pretty open, honest relationship.  But, I'm not really feeling it. Suppose I'd better keep the younger option open.  We'll see what happens.