Gifts For Every Type Of Guy

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What to get for the guy who loves tech, sports, art, pop culture, food and music.

Pop Culture Guy

Bargain: If there's a male equivalent to Sex and the City, Mad Men be it. The hit series about a 1960s advertising agency has all the makings of a guy's dream: sex, power, and a bottle of Scotch in every office. It's sexy, witty and enthralling, which means, womanizing story lines aside, you'll love watching it with him. ($39.99,



Mid-Range: Three words: Bond. James Bond. Get your pop culture junky a step closer to his martini-swigging, king-of-cool idol with these sterling silver 007 cuff links. ($140,




Luxury: It's a high-definition, Wi-Fi enabled gaming system with 80GB of storage for his music, movies, and photos. It's also a Blu-Ray player with pristine picture quality. The response to gifting a PlayStation 3 is likely to be somewhat baffling, so let us clarify for you: he will love it, and it will up your coolness factor in his eyes, no matter how much time he seems to be spending with it over you. ($299.99,