Gifts For Every Type Of Guy

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What to get for the guy who loves tech, sports, art, pop culture, food and music.

Sports Guy


Bargain: Your guy lives and breathes sports anyway, so why not let him read it when he's not watching it? A year's subscription to ESPN The Magazine will get him 26 issues of sports central, plus free access to ESPN Insider. Insider status brings myriad privileges, from breaking news before it breaks to tools that'll help him in his fantasy leagues and much more. ($13,



Mid-Range: Combine his two favorite things: beer and sports. These unique sports bottle openers are palladium plated with handles made from authentic materials salvaged from his favorite sport. Each handle tells where it comes from: from the court floor of Madison Square Garden, from a bat used in the majors, or from Plexiglass surrounding the Madison Square Garden hockey rink. Next time he's watching a game on TV, he can crack open a cold one and feel like he's there. ($65-85,


Luxury: If he's a true sports fan, there is no "next best thing to being there," so help him get there, with a gift certificate to StubHub, the sports fan's best source for game tickets. There's an option whatever your budget, but if you really want to go all out, get the max amount ($500), so when he's "there" he's actually in a spot where he can see. Yes, it's a gift certificate, but one that's definitely worthwhile. To trick him up, bury it inside a cap from his favorite team. ($25-500,