Gifts For Every Type Of Guy

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What to get for the guy who loves tech, sports, art, pop culture, food and music.

Foodie Guy

Bargain: What self-respecting foodie (or man for that matter) doesn't love bacon? But the cooking of everyone's favorite breakfast food is tricky: it's a fine art to get it to just the right crispiness without losing most of the meat. This cast-iron bacon press flattens the meat quickly, which helps keep it from shriveling up. Because the joy of bacon should not be tainted with shrinkage anxiety. ($12,


Mid-Range: Here's a gift that truly keeps on giving: when you adopt an olive tree for him, he'll receive a certificate of adoption, but that's only the beginning. Come spring, he'll receive a shipment of light, buttery extra-virgin oil from his very own harvest and fall brings more deliciousness in the form of tangy, spicy flavored versions. Nudo walks you through the process and even allows you to pick the grove from which his tree comes. ($103.68,


Luxury: It's no secret that men love meat. But for the real foodie guy, it's not just about the meat but about the authentic flavor, and about taking the time to draw that flavor out. The Char-Griller Smokin' Pro is grill and smoker in one, with heat-retaining cast-iron grates that ensure a more even cooking, a built in thermometer, prep shelves. He may never cook indoors again. ($209.99,