The Post-Breakup Technology Cleanse

technology can help you get over a breakup
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Breaking up severs emotional ties, and it's best your technology follows suit. Do it in six steps.

4.) If you met on a dating site, remove from favorites and block
If you met on an online dating site, definitely remove your ex from your favorites and block him/her from contacting you. This one is a no-brainer. Online Dating at OKCupid

5.) Un-follow and block on Twitter
The same rational for Facebook goes for Twitter. If you and significant other were tweeters and hung on each others posts, it's time to unfollow and block. Life is just too short for 140 characters to unleash the millions of angry memories. Just trust us on this. Twitter Flirting Rules

6.) Remove from IM
In Gmail, it's possible to suppress a contact from appearing in your Gchat list. You can also remove or block a buddy in AIM, Skype and other such instant messaging systems. When you're trying to write an e-mail to your mom or cruise a dating site for new love interests, what benefit is there in seeing your ex's name in your chat list?

Yes, this technology cleanse is extreme. Think about it this way: seeing your ex online/in your phone will only make you think about what he/she is doing, realize you're no longer privy to that info (at least not right now, maybe friendship lies ahead), and—as any human would—suffer as a result. Why not make technology work for you and remove the catalysts for this negative reminder?

If your ex wants to reconcile, he/she will find you. Or, given your freedom to exist without constant reminders, maybe you'll see him/her in a new light and decide to reach out. Either way, keeping an ex's fingerprints all over your technology will only help keep you jailed in breakup pain. We say, cleanse and be free. You're too fabulous to wallow.