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Would you like to promote your practice to over a million potential clients a month—at no charge?

If you are a relationship helping professional, we want to offer you a sneak-peak into a great new feature in its pre-launch stages on YourTango. We are looking for therapists, counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, coaches, matchmakers, pastoral counselors and marriage educators who are looking to market their services to the YourTango audience.

In a few weeks we will be introducing ProConnect, an amazing new YourTango feature designed to bring accessible advice to the many readers on our site who are looking to live their best love lives. Our readers have told us that they are looking for the best ways to create happy, successful experiences when dating and in relationships. As an expert, you can help.

Our early partnerships include organizations like Imago, Coaches Institute International, Matchmaking Institute, Smart Marriages, Mars Venus Coaching & more.

To help everyone get involved with this groundbreaking service we are offering free listings to qualified pros for the next few weeks. Our goal is to launch in early December with powerful list of pros that our readers can engage with and reach out to for help and advice.

If you're a relationship professional of any kind, please take a look at this free offer to see if ProConnect is right for you. There are absolutely no strings; it's 100 percent free for nine months.

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Remember, this offer is available for a limited time only.

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