When Your Wing (Wo)Man Weds

When Your Wing (Wo)Man Weds

It happens to all of us.

Your go to guy or gal, the one who runs intervention by dragging you out each time you lock yourself into solitary confinement knee high in empty pizza boxes and cartons of ice cream, suddenly marries.

And when it does, the loss of a solid wing-person can be one of the most difficult events in a single person's social life. 

You see, a good wingperson does not just run interference to help with happy-hook ups. They help build confidence when it is waning and lend a sympathetic ear on lonely days -r months. Precisely the support James Belushi gave to Rob Lowe or Elizabeth Perkins to Demi Moore in the movie "About Last Night."

So what do you do when your confidant and counselor takes the plunge? Consider these 4 survival steps from SingleEdition.com:

1. Count them as a Couple: Think twice before you say no to the threesome. A new spouse can actually be a commodity that brings advice, connections and skill to the table. Whether it is new events to attend or people to introduce you to, your wingperson's significant other can be a great asset. Plus, for the onlooker, approaching a group is oftentimes a lot less intimidating.

2. Find Out Who Else is Left Hanging: Chances are, there is another casualty without a lifeline. You know, the friend of a friend that you totally get along with but to whom you are not directly connected. So reach out to your Wingperson and ask him/her to hook you up one last time!

3. Prime a New Partner: When it comes to wingpeople generally opposites attract. So rather than selecting like-minded sorts from your rolodex, reach out to those individuals who take you out of your comfort zone. If you're a pub crawler then a wine aficionado may be a good match. Lisa, once a serial charity event attendee, now enjoys lectures and informal dinners ever since she partnered up with Suzanne who prefers casual outings.

4. Get a Proxy: The role has become so popular that businesses have sprung up where one can rent a wingperson. One company, Arriviste Press, will even send an email, free of charge, to reach out to someone you are too shy to approach on your own. (www.arrivistepress.com).

5. Go Virtual: Singles are stepping away from online dating and flocking to facebook.com with good reason. Online social networks are the new conduit for establishing connections with people you know, trust and share common interests. The viral nature of these communities can do more than your wingperson ever did.