The Web's Best: Good Men Really Do Exist!

good men

Animal infidelity, dating an older man and Facebook stalking.

It's Friday and that means it's time to take a few minutes away from work to get your love & relationships on. I'm Tom Miller, and I'll be your guide this lovely morning.

First up, it appears that the verdict is in: we are not going to judge men dating younger women. Whew. The crew at The Frisky list 11 reasons why YOU should get in on the older man action. Getting someone's social security check was not mentioned.

Lemondrop highlights a terrible case of fraud—the poor woman had no idea it was fake, and when she found out, it was too late! exposes the least trustworthy creature in the animal kingdom and it is NOT the Gosselin dolphin.  

One of my favorite writers of all time, Tom Matlack, breaks down modern masculinity for HuffPo. Great read. Get more about modern manhood at and here for the video.

YourTango homey Simone Grant is not afraid to put all her cards on the table. This time around, SG talks about f*ck buddies. I get emotional when I have long-term casual sex, so I find this quite fascinating.

The lads at Asylum give us the scandalous details of an affair between two Ivy-League employees who exposed themselves through a very dumb mistake. 

Dynamite from Em & Lo ( again. You know the saying "All I need to know I learned in kindergarten?" Not true. Apparently porn teaches all. 

Nerve also weighs in on the porn-as-teacher trend, wondering if skin flicks really make men less-than-sensitive lovers. What do you think?

My buddy LostPlum was advised that Facebook stalking was the best way to land a guy. See what she thinks of using a digital harpoon, net and binoculars to find love. 

BettyConfidential has a dating tale from Hades. A woman's date called her the one thing you NEVER call a girlfriend (other than sister).

As always, hit us with the hot links.

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