Moving On At The Euro Divorce Fair


An event to make starting over way easier.

Ever heard of a divorce fair? It's sort of like a job fair but for people who have ended their marriages. As you may recall, other older divorce fairs didn't start with much of a bang. The Viennese divorce fair was a total sausage fest. The London divorce fair is starting to gain some steam. But, per Reuters, the Parisians figured out how to do it right, right now. While previous shows set their laser beams on putting people together with legal and financial professionals, the Gallic version was all about getting your groove back post-split. Read: Is Divorce Becoming a Luxury?

Seminars include (and these are paraphrased): Breast augmentation and your feelings; Love thyself (wink-wink); Seducing the younger man; You rock and you should know it; and Getting dudes to buy stuff for you when your jerk-ass ex suspends your bank account. Read: Jon Gosselin Empties Kate's Bank Account

Frankly, Euro Divorce Fair (unlike Euro Disney) seems like a great idea off the bat. You have to image that this would take off stateside where we still manage to do a brisk trade in divorce, self-esteem support and kooky vacations (the dissolution-of-marriage moon would fit right in with the mini-moon and the conception moon).

Some jokeys aside, while a save-this-marriage fair would be preferable, a divorce fair that's for actually helping people is a winner, in my book. A divorce fair that's more concerned with raking exes over the coals, financially and otherwise, doesn't really work for me. Read: 5 More Down And Dirty Divorce Tricks

Thoughts on divorce fairs?