The Perks Of Sexual Dry Spells

woman sitting in the desert

Sexual dry spells happen to everyone. One day you're loved up; the next you're single, alone and Mapquesting nearby nunneries. Welcome to your secondary virginity, a dry spell of Sahara proportions. Lemondrop: What Would You Rather Do Than Have Sex?

The good news? Almost every dry-speller we spoke to said that celibacy—voluntary or not—was a valuable growth experience, helping some feel more confident while others relished the surplus of "me time." And surely that's worth more than, say, sleeping with one of these dudes. 

We discovered three main types of dry spells and spoke with survivors for insight. Lemondrop: Does Any Woman Have To Lose Weight To Get Lucky?

Type 1: The Spiritual Dry Spell
So you've been to paradise, but you've never been to ME, right? Many see a period of celibacy as an opportunity to reboot, reassess and do a little monk-like soul-searching. Theresa (not her real name), coming out of a messy breakup, dealing with the challenges of being a single mother, and focusing on "growing up" after years of excessive drinking, went this route at age 30. Lemondrop: How Much Sex Is Enough?

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Written by Erin Donnelly for Lemondrop

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