Levi Gets Awarded For His Johnston, Prematurely

Levi Gets An Award For His Nudity

What do Levi Johnston and Barack Obama have in common? Pre-mature awardification.

Levi Johnston hasn't even spread his legs for the camera and yet already he is being given awards for his "bravery" and "confidence" based on assumptions of full-nudity in his upcoming Playgirl shoot, which coincidentally is scheduled for the same day Sarah Palin will appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show to promote her new memoir, Going Rouge.

According to E!Online, the nineteen-year-old will be crowned "biggest pop-culture-turned-sex star" at the first annual Fleshbot Awards, to be held November 11th in New York City—that's nearly a week before he even gets naked for the cameras.

"We think it's awesome that he's posing for Playgirl," said Fleshbot editor Lux Alptraum to E!. "And it's quite a transition to go from being the future son-in-law of the Republican vice presidential nominee to someone who is modeling in a nudie magazine that's marketed toward gay men."

Johnston, who is expected to receive the prize from viral video star Obama Girl, remains humble: "I just get naked, that's what I do," as he has been known to say.

But does Levi truly deserve the award? It is still unclear whether or not he will go full-frontal in the photoshoot, and Fleshbot's justifications seem reminiscent of the Nobel committee's explanation for Barack Obama's prize: "Playgirl has sent out multiple press releases saying there will be nudity, so we're assuming full nudity," Alptraum said. "It sounds like he's going to go through with it."

In other words, we all really, really, really want to see Levi's Johnston and Barack's Hope spring alive, so let's just give them awards and wish it so.

Photo via Bauer-Griffin.