Gave Him The Wrong Finger


He says he loves her.  She ponders the meaning when so many actions have spoken loudly the contrary.

He says he loves her but fondles the breasts of teenage girls at work simply because she dared him to...saying he "didn't have to guts to grab her breasts". 

He says he loves her, but he calls her from work simply to tell her of the "GOOD THINGS" he has to look at while he is checking out other women.  He has nothing else to say but she hears a slight giggle in the background...who might that be she wonders while trying had to understand why he would call her, his wife, and tell her that he is checking out other women?

He says he loves her as he wistfully tells her of "the one who got away" and how very special the girl was to him.  How the girl's mother and the girl's family took him in and made him part of their family.  He even tried to name their daughter after the girl's mother.
He says he loves her as he actively seeks someone to "play with" outside their marriage.  Telling her that it is just for sex..then he is going to spend as much time with "them" as he wants and she has no say...and then he is going to be long time friends with them...and then again "it's just for sex"...but he is going to cuddle with them and do other activities outside of the bedroom with them, yet he turns her down for sex constantly, neglects her needs a lot and is going to take what little she gets and spend that time with another woman...and laughs as she cries herself to sleep at night...laughs as she begs and pleads with him to be faithful to her and to LOVE her...oh but he loves her.

He says he loves her but yells at her when she calls him at work and asks him to come home immediately after work because she and his baby daughter had been in a car accident.  He had plans to go Christmas shopping after work and she wants him to come home? How dare she ask him to come home when he had shopping to do? He then goes on to berate her, accusing her of deliberately ruining his plans the week before because her daughter had a sudden idea to spend  time with him after school and he had plans  with a teenage girl he use to work with whom he had planed to spend the day with alone in their home smoking marijuana together while he is taking care of their baby daughter and she is at work for the day.  Not once did he ask if she was ok, or if his daughter was ok. 

He says he loves he tells her it is not his fault that she feels the way that she feels.  it is not his fault that the things he says or does makes her feel bad.  After all she is the one who chose to feel that way, he had no part in it was her choice to feel that way.  Apparently no one can make you feel anything you don't want to feel.

He says he loves her as he writes notes to his ex girlfriend whom he had not spoken to for nearly a year.  No contact until he began dating her and then all of a sudden this need to be "friends with the ex".  He of course makes sure to tell her that he is talking to the ex and that the ex would like to send a gift to her unborn child.

He says he loves her as he saunters in 3 hours late from work to his loving frantic wife who had been waiting for hours to surprise him with a romantic evening.  He tells her that he had been out for "coffee" with some girl that he worked with and that he was not allowed to call from work as it was long distance.  he later tells her that he didn't want to call her, he didn't feel she needed to know that he was going to be late on a winter evening when there had been many many tragic car accidents in the past weeks on the very roads he travels to and from work.  of course she is not suppose to worry when her husband decides not to come home because he is wooing some girl he works dare she worry, how dare she be upset.  he just laughs at her and says "aren't you going to ask me if I had a good time at coffee?" Laughs at her for her fit of rage, the terror that something had happened to him pouring out of her like sour milk, anger that he again did not care how his actions and thoughtlessness affected her,  relief that he was ok, wanting desperately to knock him on his smug ass, hurt from his cold laughter; his content that he had done no wrong; his cool heatless demeanour as he again told her it is her fault for feeling this way not his doing not his problem; and the amusement he derived from her tears tore through her like a hot blade though butter.

She is not blameless...she wrote to the ex girlfriend and befriended her.  Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

She got extremely emotional on a regular basis and talked to him about his behaviour and how it made her feel.  She questioned him on things he didn't wish to answer and got angry with him when he would give her sarcastic answers that brushed her off and made her feel worthless.

While insanely intoxicated she wrote an e-mail to the "one that got away" and asked her how she got away...and why.  She confessed this to her husband, showed him everything and apologized to him.  He got angry with her, they fought, he broke down in tears.  Were the tears for they were more so for the words that "the one who got away" had used to reply to her and explain how and why she got away.

She spent a good majority of her pregnancy crying and feeling worthless and making sure that he knew it.  She would ask him questions and try to get serious answers out of him.  she would chase him and hound him for answers and some semblance of how their life was going to be...some idea of what he expected of her.  She drove him crazy with her behaviour trying to get some sense of reassurance that "HE LOVED HER" to make all this crazy behaviour make sense.

She made a plan to go out for coffee with her ex boyfriend in hopes of getting some reaction from him, something that said he didn't want to lose her.  The ex, who had always been a friend and should never have been more and was only more very briefly, was in on the rouse as he wanted to see his dear friend happy and believed she was with the wrong man for her.  Needless to say it didn't go as she had hoped and though she knew it before hand that it was a bad seemed like a last ditch attempt to make something happen to show him how he made her feel and possibly inflict some fear that he might lose her so that maybe he would appreciate so much.

She felt and acted jealous of women, all other women, anyone who he would look at or talk to... she knew that woman might be the one he cheats on her with.

She acts crazy...she talks crazy...she is jealous and that is crazy...she loves him, that is crazy.

Look at all the things he had to put up with being with her... He said he loves her...