Did Josh Duhamel Cheat On Fergie? With A Stripper?

josh duhamel fergie

One stripper says she and Duhamel had "lots and lots of sex." Would an exotic dancer really lie?

It's the battle of the tabloids: UsWeekly.com says stripper Nicole Forrester is telling the truth, and she has the polygraph to prove it (and the $20K she was offered for her story).

Meanwhile People.com reports that Duhamel's rep is denying all the sex and cheating. The rep says that the story is ridiculous. 

Hmmm...who to believe?

This is a toughie. Forrester attorney says his client didn't even approach media outlets—that The National Equirer approached her after Duhamel bragged about his stripper escapades on a movie set. Us Weekly also claims to have stories from women all over the country who have had relationships with the actor. Apparently, this boy really gets around!

Two cents: Really? He had sex with dozens of women across the nation? Josh Duhamel may bot be Einstein, but he's got to be smart enough to know these sorts of things come back to haunt you. We have to believe these are some attention-hound women looking for 15 minutes.

What do you think? Who's the innocent victim here? (Or is there one?)

Photo: Fame Pictures