Paris Hilton Got Choked By Her Guy

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Doug Reinhardt and Paris Hilton were said to get physical after a Halloween party.

We know a handful of very important things. 1) It would be really great if everyone were nice to each other. And 2) you can't choke all of your problems away. Per the New York Post, Paris Hilton and her dude, Doug Reinhardt, involved themselves in a bit of fisticuffs after a Halloween party over the weekend. It should be noted that it was Seal and Heidi Klum's party, so it was likely quite awesome. Read: Man's Fascination With Paris Hilton Explained

The pair wore matching Tooth Fairy outfits (America's favorite dental person) and likely got a little tipsy as the evening progressed. Witnesses, including paparazzi (America's favorite photograph-taking people), saw the couple get physical with each other late in the evening, partially over a mobile phone.

Looky Lous saw Doug Reinhardt fire the Hilton Hotel heiress's mobile phone out of the window of their limousine to the chagrin of the driver who had to slam on the brakes as PH went scrambling for that communication device. Then things got combative. While no one likes having her mobile phone ejected from a moving vehicle but it's said that Paris Hilton got handsy with her boyfriend and introduced him to her best friends, slappy and kicky. And since most people don't care for being struck, Doug Reinhardt is said to have grabbed Paris Hilton by the throat in an effort to make her cool out. Read: Are Apologies Enough After Domestic Abuse?

No charges were filed for either way. The good news is that her mobile phone was recovered by a photog and returned. Whew. She has not had the best luck with telephones as her Sidekick was once hacked but not punched, kicked or choked.

Photos via Bauer-Griffin