19 Pastimes That Boost A Guy's Sex Appeal

chef holding a salmon dish

8. Chef Hotness: The way to a woman's heart is also through her stomach. See, we're not all that different are we?

9. Babysitter's Club: You like to show your nieces and nephews a fun time. Sign us up next!  Double bonus for coaches or big brother mentors. 

10. Speaking More Than One Language: Turns out you're actually speaking the international language of love.

11. The Right Kinda Player: Musicians are insta-hot. Although, if your band sucks, you won't seem as do-able.

12. Good Sport: While women might be accused of not paying enough attention to balls, if you're a man who can play with an extra one, you'll get our attention. Dang, even dudes who do croquet look sexy to us.

13. Handy Work: If you can give a great massage, we know you really can help us relax.

14. Martial Arts: Precision, strength, patience, a desire to defend the things you love—you are clearly a master. Let's spar sans pants so you can teach us a few moves.

15. Stylin': Our Mind Of Man might not give a rat's booty, but every girl is crazy about a sharp-dressed man.

16. Work Out: Specifically, pumping iron. It's shallow, sure, but a gun show makes us wanna say, "Let's get physical."

17. Let’s Get Some Air: If you're a pilot, for fun even, we'll happily help you join the mile high club.

18. Biking: Doesn't have to be a motorcycle; you can win our hearts on a Schwinn too. Basically, anything with two wheels makes you look like the hottest thing on two legs.

19. Landscaping/Gardening/Farming: Take off your shirt and bend the earth to your will. Our adoration will grow too.

Written by Simcha Whitehill for The Frisky




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