5 Male-Suggested Road Trip Must-Haves

a couple laughing as they are driving in car

Taking a road trip with a lover is sometimes as precarious as a first date. Say or do the wrong thing—or forget to bring a proper caseload of snacks—and you're in trouble. While it's clear that some things should be utterly avoided on the road—like discussing whether dating for two months makes things "exclusive"—other major tragedies in coupledom can be avoided if you follow a few helpful tips. Lemondrop: The Most Popular Day of the Year for First Dates

From a guy's perspective, here are 10 essentials to bring along to ensure that what is intended to be a bonding experience doesn't end up in a breakup. (Note: Your dude gets bonus points if he packs these things in the glove box or in the trunk without your knowing.) Lemondrop: How to Break Up With a Guy - Without Being Too Mean

1. Painkillers: Nothing kills conversation easier than a migraine or, even worse, cramps. We want you to be comfortable—if you're comfortable we're comfortable.

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Written by Anonymous Guy Writer for Lemondrop.