7 Easy, Last-Minute Couples Costumes

last-minute couples costumes
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Don't have a Halloween costume? Make it easy on yourself and your honey.

Pimp and Ho
One of the commenters at TresSugar suggested this classic. He wears his leather jacket (any loud, slick-seeming jacket will do), a shirt unbuttoned to the middle of his chest and doesn't wash his hair. As a bonus, add a couple of long chains and big hat. You wear a skirt up to here, a cleavage-bearing, sparkly top and the highest heels you own.

Each Other
Dress up as each other! DivineCaroline says, "couples can find an easy costume—by cross-dressing—with him in her evening gown, and her in his suit."

The Dead Couple
For this costume, you dress as yourselves but you paint your faces white, with black lips and black around your eyes. Take it a step further and wear your wedding attire—a dead bride and groom. Double bonus: purchase some fake blood at any party or halloween store and sprinkle it liberally on your clothes, face and body to really emphasizes the "dead" part of the costume.

Adam and Eve
This costume works best if you're at an indoor event—it requires wearing very little and some extra body-confidence. Cut a white sheet into the shape of leaves and draw some green veins on them, or make leaves out of paper or cardboard. Pin them to your shorts or underwear and bra. You can get a rubber snake at most toy stores, or use a green, brown, or black scarf and create a forked snake tongue with a piece of cardboard. Carry an apple. You can both carry apples and snakes, or one of you wears the snake and the other sports the apple.

YTers, got any other easy, last-minute couples costume ideas?