My Old Blog, A History Of Crazy

My old blog, a history of crazy

own interest, getting a
degree and being able to grow my hair out, I don't have a lot to look forward
to when I get out.  I have to find a
place to live, get a job, sign up for classes, and basically start over with
not a whole lot in savings.  I can't even
decide where I want to live.  I know
where I think I want to live and where I don't want to live, but starting with
nothing on my own is almost scarier than staying in. 

I like identifing as a marine and getting
hand shakes and thank yous from random people and shit like that.  But I hate the actual execution of being a
marine.  The day to day faggotry and
bullshit, the unquestioned obedience to retarded orders and the "dick up
the ass" mentality of the people in charge.  Its not what I want to do with my life, and
thats not who I want to be. 

So I guess I have to decide which is
riskier; Wasting more of my life in the marines accomplishing what I consider
to be nothing while forsaking personal relationships but accumulating income,
or chance failing at living life my own way and end up homeless and broke some
place far from home but at least trying to do something different.  At this stage in the game, getting out is a
bigger risk than staying in.  I'm pretty
sure the reason I signed up in the first place was to avoid being in situations
like that, where taking the easy or safe route was the best answer. 

Slay fuckin dragons.

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Subject : deployment is almost over

Posted Date: : Jul 16, 2009 9:56 PM

I really hate myspace.  It is completely gay compared to
facebook.  All hail facebook, god of the

Looking forward to getting back to the
states.  I go concert tickets for
halloween in LA which is going to be fucking epic.  deadmaus and who the fuck ever else is
playing so its gonna be ballin.  Free
drinks all night with VIP tickets.

I look forward to traveling during the
leave block and seeing some old friends and family.  I want to see my little brothers new (used)
car and I know my mom is dying to see me. 
I worry about her sometimes because she just isn't well. 

I look forward to drinking some god damn

I'm gonna miss the combat pay.  $1400 every 2 weeks.  I'm not gonna miss all that debt I paid

Wish I saved a little more, but I got a
ballin'ass live music set up at a great price, less than $3000. 

I'm gonna try not to blow all my money on
stupid shit when I get back.  Drinks
don't count as stupid.

I've noticed that I always seem to have
thing for chicks named emily.  It's
likely just the name, but I know some hot emilys. 

Emm fields doesnt count. 


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Subject : the news

Posted Date: : Jul 13, 2009 3:12 AM

I was reading through today and a
lot of what I read troubles me.

1.My generation (20-somethings) feel
entitled to (every)things

2. Fat people feel better when you trick
them into thinking they aren't fat

3. Racism is profitable if you're
anti-racism group

4. Iran is about to pop off, same with N.

5. Everyone needs/craves/wants attention,
Latonya jackson (who?) has opinions and everyone cares for exactly the next 9

No one has asked me, and blog averages
about 3 views per post, but in all honesty:

1. My generation has serious
self-importance issues, all those participation trophies they gave out to
everyone who showed up weren't as harmless as we thought.

2. Fat people should fucking die.

3. If the NAACP admitted that racism is not
as widespread as they pretend it is, they would stop getting donations and
cease to exist. 

4. I hope Iran throws out Ahkmumedijhad (or
whatever the fuck his name is) on their own and we don't have to get
involved.  We aren't the fucking world
police.  And Kim Jong Il just wants to
take the world with him when he dies.  I
got $10 that says he doesn't have nuclear ICBM.

Michael Jackson dying is the best thing to ever happen to the
Jacksons.  Fucking fucks. 

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