My Old Blog, A History Of Crazy

My old blog, a history of crazy

week and I'm sure
as hell going to drink if I go out to a bar on the weekend, I just don't feel
like I have to all the time anymore. 

PT is kicking my ass lately but I think its
good for me.  I we played football twice
this week and I spent a lot of time on both D and offensive lines.  It was a shit ton of fun and I think I played
pretty well.  I know I played hard at the
very least.  I was pretty lazy on leave
so I guess I need to keep pushing myself to get better.  I could stand to lose a few pounds as

I LOVE LIVING OFF OF BASE!!!!  Let me say that again...


It is fantastic.  Me and my room(house) mate have gotten
everything pretty well organized and everything is going smoothly.  I got most of the furniture I need for cheap
and I am almost done getting what I need. 
My room looks how I want it to look and I don't live on base anymore so
I'm not surrounded by marines all the god damn time.  I even set up my DJ crap this afternoon,
finally.  I paid less than $50 on used
furniture and all I need to do now is find a desk.  Go me.


It really is that great. 

In conclusion, I am really happy with my
life and how things are going for me out here. 
It could be a lot worse and I'm not even thinking about how much better
it could be because I am blessed and thankful for what I have now. 

I don't need someone in my life to make me
happy, I want someone in my life to share my joy with.  And if I'm lucky, that person will stick
around if the bad times start to out weigh the good. 

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Subject : leaving cleveland 13

Posted Date: : Sep 5, 2009 11:36 PM

stayed sober for my last night in
town.  Spent the day with my family just
catching up and talking like we always do. 
I promise you, my family is olympic level dysfunctional but god I love
all of them.  It was a really nice night,
despite our best efforts. 

This has probably been the best night I've
had since I got back to the states. 

I went to Megan and Megans house afterwards
and said good bye to all my friends. 

I didn't drink anything there either.  I honestly don't remember the last time I
stayed sober by choice when out with my friends. 

I don't even want to talk about friday
night.  I blacked out at like 1230 and
don't remember ANYTHING at all after that. 
I have been told that I made some bad choices that night.  But I did somehow get free air show tickets
from some pilot dude I talked to. 

The idea of having been completely blacked
out for more than 2 hours scares the shit out of me.  I do not ever want to do that again.  I had 10x more fun tonight than I did friday
and actually remember all of it. 

I'm actually looking forward to visiting
again for christmas.  Hell, I almost want
to move back to cleveland.  Almost.

Well, if Cassie wants to get married than
I'm totally coming back.  :)

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Subject : My anchor..

Posted Date: : Aug 29, 2009 10:30 PM

I took this stupid quiz on some gay
website.  Turns out this is exactly what
I wanted, just didn't know exactly how to word it. 

An anchor is well-poised to meet the hidden
or unspoken needs you might actually be trying to fill in a search for a
relationship. An anchor is...

Someone who's generally calm and low
maintenance, but who can also show spontaneity and go on the occasional
adventure when circumstances permit.

Someone who's not overly rigid in what she
wants from life personally or professionally, but rather is basically content
and can go with the flow when needed.

Someone who's grounded and has a strong
sense of identity, purpose and independence.

Someone who doesn't want or need to rely on
you for economic security but rather comes to the relationship with existing

Someone who's ready and able to give you
freedom and support for your personal or professional goals.

Someone who demands respect and makes a
good impression on others.

Someone who cares a lot about looking

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