My Old Blog, A History Of Crazy

My old blog, a history of crazy

I would have expected to happen to me.  Just for clarity sake.)

In other news, I'm in charge of the platoon
for the most part while all the important people are away.  My new boss guy likes me.  This big house is boring by myself.  I should get a dog, I'm just worried it will
die while I'm at work since this is the middle of no where. 

My to do list grows twice as fast as I
knock things off of it.  This is gay.

I'm preparing myself for IMLC (infantry
mortars leaders course) mentally.  It's
too late to unfuck how out of shape I am. 
I need to lose about 15 pounds and this course will do the trick. 

College classes are gay.  especially online ones.  I need to bullshit 3-4 pages of random
dribble this weekend.  Should be fun.

Otherwise I'm ok.  Just really bored.  I'm gonna try to make plans with people I
don't normally make plans with but still find tolerable.  I get off work at 1pm everyday and have
nothing to do when I get home besides a few small chores.

I'm going on the subway diet.  I'm going to start walking to subway for

I love all the extra money I'm making by
not living in the barracks.  This ended
up being very beneficial for me.  I love

Ok, clever sign off phrase.


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Subject : expectations

Posted Date: : Sep 23, 2009 8:28 PM

First, a couple announcements:

Wanna be on my perferred list?  ask and you shall recieve

I hope I don't ramble too long because I'd
much rather be sleeping.

Ok, now to some content:

To put it all simply, and without
elaborating on specifics or any other bullshit, I think people going into
ANYTHING without expectations is retarded.

Seriously, when did people stop having

I talked to my friend Chelsea earlier today
and she agreed with me. 

I was having issues on things with a friend
and I was asking everyone I could for input. 
What would you do?  What do you
think this means?

A lot of people said that my expectations
were too high.  At first, I believed them
and said yeah maybe you're right.  but
then I started thinking about what that would actually mean.  And I came up with a resounding "fuck
that shit!" 

If you don't have expectations in your
life, than why do you do anything. 

Do you get a job and have not expect to

Do you buy a car and not expect it to work?

Do you go out to diner and not expect good

Seriously, this whole "you just got
your expectations up" bullshit is retarded.

Yeah, I got expectations.  I expect to be able to create relationships
that mean something.  I expect to have
mutually fullfilling experiences with people that I like.  I expect an honest effort from people that I
meet and interact with. 

I expect to hold myself to a high

I expect not to settle.

I expect to think I deserve the absolute
best for myself and to not accept anything short of that.

I expect honesty. 

I expect to be trusted. 

I can deal with hesitation, reasonable
doubt and caution.  What I can't deal
with is being wishy-washy, less than fully honest or fence sitting. 

This isn't directed at anyone in
particular.  This is what I expect of
myself.  And to fall short of this, lets
just say its not expected. 

If I take someone out on a date, its not
because i have nothing better to do or no one better to hang out with.  Its because I find something interesting and
intriguing in that person and want to know more. 

If you fight for it, then so will I.  I may be quick to snap to conclusions, and I
might spend a hell of a lot of time on the defensive, but if I see a genuine
stake in something, I'm much more likely to give my best.  

And I expect nothing short of that from

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Subject : catchy title again

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