My Old Blog, A History Of Crazy

My old blog, a history of crazy

the defense and that means
they are disrupting your morning latte with 10,000 pounds of jet fuel.  then who will pay for Timmy to go to

say al qadeas numbers are increasing.  no
shit, you mean pissed off, poor, uneducated Arabs want to kill us?  well, they aren't all princes in palaces, are
they?  too bad their top leadership keeps
getting blown up.  no one there to really
organize a major attack.  the only ones
left to worry about are the ones that are already in place, everyone else is
just throwing stones at a tank.  and
hell, if anything, iraq has caused a mass migration of these jihad joeys to
Iraq, putting them all in one place. 
hell, that sort of simplifies the problem, doesn't it?

I also read some people think this is
another crusades.  what the fuck?  iraq is a brilliant strategic point in the
middle east to further mount future offensives to take out bigger threats.  "but mike, we should give peace a
chance!"  what the fuck has peace
ever solved?  seriously, people say war
solves nothing, what does peace solve? 
the act of being peaceful, or doing nothing.  do you think iran and north korea will be so
inspired by our withdrawal from a combat zone that they will just start hugging
each other and jacking off in the flowers? 

they hate us, they want us dead.  if we don't fuck them up you can be damn sure
they will fuck us up.   

you people realize terrorism has been an
issue for more than 30 years right? 
president bush didn't manufacture these organizations to scare you.  the only reason they are on the news
constantly is because we are finally trying to do something about them.  its gonna be a long war, they roll pretty
fucking deep.  but in the end, its gonna
be a lot harder for them to hurt people around the world.

I fucking hate politicians, i hope they all
get assassinated.  i cant find a descent
job and i live in the poorest city in the united states.  i think bush is a brilliant criminal, but he
will never get caught.  which kind of
makes it even better.  please comment,
tell me how stupid and ignorant i am, make a thoughtful rebuttal, change my
mind.  I'm completely open to

Monday, June 26, 2006   

A brief history of Mike...

Let's see, I'm 22 and I'm from Cleveland
Ohio. If you haven't figured that out yet then you're pretty fucking retarded.

I don't think I'm better than everyone, I
just think a lot of people are really stupid.

High school is a pretty distant memory.
Yeah, I was a big loser. Not a lot has changed.

My accomplishments include being a totally
awesome U.S. Marine for 4 years. I have been to 12 countries and most of them
sucked except Spain and Italy. I lived in Okinawa for a year which I believe
gives me the right to hate Asian people. I may re-enlist and get some more
because kicking ass is pretty fun.

I attended some classes at Cleveland State
University and joined Delta Sigma Phi fraternity. These are some of the best
civilians I have ever met. They don't suck.

I am currently working at an Investment
company. Should my plans to re-up fail I will eventually work my way to the top
and take over the company. Why? Because I have an aggressive nature and strive
to be the best at what I do.

I won't settle.

I am honest, hard working, stand up
individual who happens to enjoy large quantities of beer. What better way to
relax? I'm into mostly rock, punk and indie, a little metal and some hard core
when the mood is right. Shows are pretty fun.

I don't need or want a girlfriend. If
anyone worthwhile comes along, we'll see how she holds out. I'm more interested
in a worthy adversary. Someone that will not only put up with my shit, but give
it right back. Someone with thick skin that doesn't get offended by dumb shit.
Someone I can argue with and still get along with. Up to the challenge? Good

My goals include becoming a music video
director, bar owner, or a porn star. I'm slowly getting my college education in
between work and, well, work.

I love my friends and anyone of them can
tell you I'm loyal to a fault. I don't have a huge crew, but the ones I got are
pretty god damn sweet.

That's about it.


Saturday, June 10, 2006  

I might just re-enlist, if...

I wish this was a fun filled forward,
unfortuately I'm serious. All of this will commence in mid september, so you
have until then to talk me out of it.

1. Tanks - The only job I want to do is
drive fucking tanks. If I get offered AAV's or anything gay like that, no
fucking thank you, I'll continue to be a civilian.

2. Keep rank - As long as the dont try to
demote my ass because getting uniforms altered in cleveland ohio is probably
about fucking impossible.

3. California - I did my time at Lejeune.
Hell, I had a great time at lejeune and I wouldn't really mind going back. But
i was there for 2 years. I hate the south. I hate rednecks. I'd rather be by
Vegas and LA and all that shit.

is important. I had a great time over there, in spite of everything, and I made
some really awesome friends. I just hate the mentality they have there. It is
fucking stupid. Fuck curfews, not driving, no personal space, bullshit and
everything that thrives in oki. It is the worst the marine corps has to offer.
They do shit ass backwards compared to 2 mef and lejeune in general. i dont
know, maybe it was just the battalion, or group, but that place can fuck right
the hell off. plus i fucking hate japanese people.

5. Iraq - As fucking stupid as this sounds,
I want to go back. Why? Well, in a tank, my day to day job will be blowing shit
up. Also, I could use the money as I am extremely broke right now. I would get
myself out of debt and hopefully save a little something something.

That is pretty much it. I know a lot of you
are thinking I am crazy but at the same time, a lot of you are still in or
never served. As insain as this sounds, I miss some aspects of the marines. It
really is a good gig. And I dont really have a whole lot going for me in
cleveland. I love my friends here and everything but I have unfinished
business. I'm really not trying to settle down just yet anyway, I am only 22.

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