My Old Blog, A History Of Crazy

My old blog, a history of crazy

my body.  Faggot.

I really hate fat people.  Like, a lot. 
And hippies.  And campus
liberals.  And vegetarians.  And animal rights activist.  And environmentalist.  Seriously, spend your time on a cause that
might some day change.   Like women's

I think most people are racist, and they
spend most of their time hiding and denying it.

I don't hate any one group of people for
being from a given place or of a certain skin color.  I hate groups of people for being ignorant
and annoying. 

Women shouldn't drive.  Ever.

Stereotypes and generalizations are
generally true.  Otherwise they wouldn't
be stereotypes.

This is where I would usually try to sell
myself as a somewhat descent person. 
Fuck that shit, I probably don't like you anyway.

You'll know if you're my friend.

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Subject : I need a fucking hobby

Posted Date: : Nov 13, 2006 4:21 AM

I spend entirely too much time being bored,
having nothing to do and pretty much wasting my days away.

I need to start running again, because it has
been a while and if I want to survive another enlistment, I need to get back on

I need to stop smoking.  I am broke and don't have any cigarettes at
the moment and it is really starting to piss me off.  I just want one more cigarette and I will be
ok.  At this rate, I will be smoking
until im 90.

I need to stop meeting random people from
myspace because most of them are too needy or fucking insain.  Seriously.

I need to start saving my money so that I
don't end up broke like this all the time.

I need to come up with a better plan
because the more I think about it, the less I really want to re-enlist.

I need to stop thinking so much because as
soon as I change my mind about re-enlisting I will immediately start wanting to
re-enlist again. 

I need to stop staying up all fucking
night.  Seriously, going to bed at 10am
is probably not a good idea.

I need to stop sleeping so much.  Seriously, sleeping in until 5pm is probably
not a good idea.

I need to start limiting my computer
use.  Myspace is worse then crack and I
could tell you somethings you wouldn't believe about crack. 

I need to stop being so fucking lazy.  I haven't had any motivation to do anything
lately.  It is getting old. 

I need to stop complaining about stupid
shit.  Posting this blog has done
absolutely nothing to better myself, but at least you all will know how much of
a moron I am. 

I need to edit my friends list.  I don't really know 130 people, and if you
are one of those people I dont know, or a weirdo, say goodbye to

But seriously,

I need a cigarette.

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Subject : you ever notice?

Posted Date: : Nov 3, 2006 7:15 AM

As soon as you light a cigarette, whatever
it was you were waiting for arrives.

It's fucking nature.  As soon as you give up, rip up your raffle
ticket and walk to your car you hear your name being called on the loud speaker
to claim your prize.  And sure, it's some
fucking ace of base CD that no one really wants but its the fact that out of
the luck of the draw, it became yours.

Too bad you tossed your ticket.

Every few months I like to pick up a few
instant lottery tickets.  I get the two
and five dollar variety most of the time, because they potentially pay
better.  I have never lost money on these
tickets.  Why?  Because I only go for it once in a
while.  You wait until the time feels
right and then blam-o!  Two bucks becomes
10 bucks and that extra 12 pack of natty light doesn't sound like such a bad idea.  You know, besides the fact that its natty

For oh so long I have been promising people
that I will be going back to the Marines, its just a matter of time, blah blah
fucking blah.  Well, I am glad to report
that absolutely nothing new has happened in the waiting game.  No news has come back yet and I still have no
information of when and where or even if it is going to happen at all.  All I know is that it will involve a phone
call, a hair cut, some ironing, and

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